Monday, May 21, 2007

First Light

The first light throws the stillness of the night at dawn
People lie in bed in blankets adorned
When the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer
Others wrapped in dreams that their soul desire

The sun rises from the east today
And would surely set in the west they say
Everytime we rise in the morning’s glorious rays
Praise us not the One who’d given us this magnificent day?

When the sun is at an elbow’s length
We strive a life with resurrected strength
When tomorrow comes, do we recall this very day ?
Or do we contemplate what happened yesterday ?

This morning I say “this life must be real”
In the evening I say “could this all be unreal”
What benefit do we get from existence and being ?
When life’s a collection of memories we sing

In the night the stars unfold a thousand dreams
When the light of today has finally dimmed
This life is none but a twinkling of an eye
What then will unfold when we are made to die ?

Some people say “there’s no life after death”
Some people say “you’ll rise and take your first breath”
Do we see not death every time we sleep ?
Do we not resurrect, when morning leaps ?

These are the mysteries of life we share
Ruminating in thought as their faces we stare
Do we grasp the Truth when the light finally comes
Do we blindly dismiss as if deaf and dumb ?

Written by Asrul Zamani


Captain said...
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Captain said...


'Others wrapped in dreams that their soul desire' - When we sleep the devil tie 3 knots to try to stop us from performing the Fajar prayer (when the second strip of light appear). If only they knew the need to establish the prayers then for sure they will answer the 'Muezzin' call for the prayer: 'Prayer is BETTER than sleep, Prayer is BETTER sleep'.
Only Allah (God) knows the knowledge of the soul.

Wallahua'lam - Allah knows best.