Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Because of You

I cast my wandering eyes
But I only see you
I hear every sound
But I only comprehend you
I sense the freezing cold
But all I feel is you
And I wonder who’d cast a spell
Upon me completely through

Could this be love
That I hear so often said
Could this be fate
That I hear people say
Could this be real
Not just a dream in the day
Or could this be that
You’ve stirred my senses into disarray

Written by Asrul Zamani


I’ve always known you, and will always do
Have I met you? Or have I seen you?
I’ve waited for you, for seemingly eternity
To tell me in the end, how we would finally be

When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see
A stunning fa├žade, gentle and pretty
I’m wishing for you, to light the candle in me
So I may burn you the love, of aesthetic frenzy

I glance in the distance, past the naked window
Only to see, if I could ever find you
I have searched all over, all over for you
Not knowing a day, if my dream will be true

I lay my heart in the palm of your hand
For you to engrave your beautiful name
We would then join, forever hand in had
So my heart will never fell, sorrowful again

I hope I’ll find you, before the end of time
So I may be yours and you may be mine
When we find each other, we’ll surely be one
One of lasting love, till the end of time

Written by Asrul Zamani

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Me and You

If you fall as a delicate snow
I shall be your soft winter’s ground
If you rise as magnificent waves
I shall be your guiding sea
If you grow as a beautiful pearl
I shall be your warding oyster
If you blossom as a fragile flower
I shall be your guiding petals

And if you burn a radiant love
Let me be your delightful flame
If you sing to a wonderful tune
Let me be your willing melody
If you feel truly so happy
The let me be your happiness
But if you be nothing at all
Then let me be nothing too

Written by Asrul Zamani

The Sky

Staring at the sky that night
Wondering if you see it too
A warm feeling embraces my heart
And I feel so calm and anew

A canopy of brightly lit lights
With speckles across the midnight sky
With a moon shining so bright
In the heavens they beautify

When the moon bows and disappears
I can see darkness fades and scatters
And when dawn finally appears
Sprouting buds begin to flower

I can see the sun rising high
I can feel its shining ray
I can see the sun disappearing nigh
But never my love for you dying a day

Written by Asrul Zamani


This winter time, it’s cold and gloomy
White snow, freckling on cold winter’s grass
Winter chills, strike at my heart
Making me long, for a flowery spring

Wild tulips and roses spring everywhere
Colorful blossoms and wild butterflies
The horizon has come to life once more
But I still long for a beautiful summer

As summer arrives, I begin to wonder
Why is it not the same as before
It is so warm, and yet feels so cold
And I realize what is missing and untold

When autumn is finally here again
Beautiful trees shed their vividly colored leaves
Barren again, I somehow see
That’s how I feel without you near me

Written by Asrul Zamani


Why the grass looks cool luscious and green
Why tree lined avenues seem peaceful a scene
Why the path I tread so firm it seems
Yet my heart feels weak sorrowful and dim

Why ants tirelessly work every day and every night
Why rivers winding quickly down a ravinous sight
Why the foot I lift seems easy and light
Yet my heart feels heavy surrowful and blight

Why the wind gently blows softly in my face
Why the breeze smoothly caressing like a satin lace
Why the path with confidence I thought I had traced
Yet my heart crumbles and shatters suddenly in its pace

Why I think of you since the first time we met
Why I walk with you in the dreams that we set
Why my heart stranded along the trail that you led?
Why must I deserve to be wounded and bled?

Written by Asrul Zamani

Night Time

When sparrows retreat, from the ensuing night
The bees willingly return, in the midst of their flight
As the sun surrenders, to the coming of the night
My mind strays away, with your thought deep inside

When blue skies fade, to orange and red
And light is shed, as darkness is spread
Bustling cries fade, and lamps shine ahead
And the thought of you, ringing in my head

I remember your smile, and I see you by my side
Your laughter and tear, I do not wish to hide
As I call your name, you turn in your stride
And I pray that in love, we shall forever abide

I feel like the night, without the presence of a moon
You cast a light, brighter than a sunny afternoon
Without you, I’m afraid, I utter not a tune
Till the path of the sun, finally meets the moon

Written by Asrul Zamani