Thursday, April 5, 2007


Yellow, red and, purple and green
These are the colors, of a beautiful spring
While green leaves of trees, flutter in the winds
Bewildered are my senses, with meaningful feelings

Beetle drifts on wings, birds fly in the sky
Bees reap the flowers, and dance in the air
My mind will always question, to the very reason why
Why the spectre of sight, and wonder in the air

The moments we share, are so special and rare
Of a winter’s love that lights, and hopes that do flare
Charming and delightful, how wonderful you’d been
On winter nights and days, I immerse in your dreams

When springtime’s dawn, awakes me from sleep
And the first light of day, touches my heart deep
There, a new day unfolds, with a new beginning
And a growing love has flowered, with the coming of spring

Now I know the reason, to my very question
It isn’t the springtime, it neither is anytime
It is you that I see, and you deep in me
It is you who always brings, the life to my spring

Written by Asrul Zamani

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