Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Friend

She does accept the way I am
And comprehend the grasps of my hands
She knows why I say the things I say
And understands why I feel that way

She is whom I share my laughter with
And rejoice in the successes I breathe
She could sense the flutter deep in me
And cares for me when there’s no need to be

She puts my troubled heart at ease
In dire moments she is still my bliss
She’s always there at a moment’s thought
And comforts me when I am distraught

She seems to understand my inner will
And hears the whispers when my lips are still
She understands when I need to be understood
And appreciates all the little things I do

A friend is what I have found in you
Who was always there when I was in need of you
Who has shared my every laughter and tear
And surely a friend I will miss you my dear

Written by Asrul Zamani

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