Sunday, February 25, 2007


Why the grass looks cool luscious and green
Why tree lined avenues seem peaceful a scene
Why the path I tread so firm it seems
Yet my heart feels weak sorrowful and dim

Why ants tirelessly work every day and every night
Why rivers winding quickly down a ravinous sight
Why the foot I lift seems easy and light
Yet my heart feels heavy surrowful and blight

Why the wind gently blows softly in my face
Why the breeze smoothly caressing like a satin lace
Why the path with confidence I thought I had traced
Yet my heart crumbles and shatters suddenly in its pace

Why I think of you since the first time we met
Why I walk with you in the dreams that we set
Why my heart stranded along the trail that you led?
Why must I deserve to be wounded and bled?

Written by Asrul Zamani

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