Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I’ve always known you, and will always do
Have I met you? Or have I seen you?
I’ve waited for you, for seemingly eternity
To tell me in the end, how we would finally be

When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see
A stunning façade, gentle and pretty
I’m wishing for you, to light the candle in me
So I may burn you the love, of aesthetic frenzy

I glance in the distance, past the naked window
Only to see, if I could ever find you
I have searched all over, all over for you
Not knowing a day, if my dream will be true

I lay my heart in the palm of your hand
For you to engrave your beautiful name
We would then join, forever hand in had
So my heart will never fell, sorrowful again

I hope I’ll find you, before the end of time
So I may be yours and you may be mine
When we find each other, we’ll surely be one
One of lasting love, till the end of time

Written by Asrul Zamani

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