Sunday, February 25, 2007

Night Time

When sparrows retreat, from the ensuing night
The bees willingly return, in the midst of their flight
As the sun surrenders, to the coming of the night
My mind strays away, with your thought deep inside

When blue skies fade, to orange and red
And light is shed, as darkness is spread
Bustling cries fade, and lamps shine ahead
And the thought of you, ringing in my head

I remember your smile, and I see you by my side
Your laughter and tear, I do not wish to hide
As I call your name, you turn in your stride
And I pray that in love, we shall forever abide

I feel like the night, without the presence of a moon
You cast a light, brighter than a sunny afternoon
Without you, I’m afraid, I utter not a tune
Till the path of the sun, finally meets the moon

Written by Asrul Zamani

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